Group Alumni

Prof. Jinshui Miao

Jinshui received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University in May 2018, and he was a postdoc in the Jariwala Group from 2018-2020. His research focuses on 2D layered material heterostructures for nanoelectronic, optoelectronic, and photonic devices.

He is currently a professor at Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics.

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Baokun Song

Baokun was a visiting PhD candidate from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China) from 2019 to 2020. His research was on the optical properties of 2D materials which is vital to the development of atomically thin photonic and optoelectronic devices. While at Penn, he focused on the electrostatic tunability of the optical properties of 2D materials.

Shortly after returning to Huazhong University, Baokun successfully defended his PhD thesis.

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Kang He

Kang attended Penn as Masters student from 2019 to 2020 , and research van der Waals materials for ultrathin photovoltaic devices and photodetectors. He proposed the transformative approach of using few-layer, direct bandgap InSe and indirect bandgap MoS2 as ultrathin absorber layers in photovoltaic devices (Link).

In the Fall of 2020, he joined Purdue as a PhD candidate.

Vishal Venkatesh

Vishal was a Graduate Student Fellow at the Singh Center from 2017-2019 while obtaining a Masters in Nanotechnology. His research was on confining 2D materials into 0D forms and studying their optical properties. He also investigated exciton funneling and quantum emission in nanobubbles of monolayer TMDC on gold.

Vishal is currently a research assistant in the MicroSensors and MicroActuators Group at Penn.

Ravindra Saxena

Ravi was born in raised in India where he was drawn to science and technology from a young age. This led his to majoring in Mechatronics at the Manipal Institute of Technology (India) for his undergraduate degree. He then joined Penn as a Masters student in Nanotechnology where he also researched for the Jariwala Group from 2017-2019. His research interests are in understanding the fundamental sciences of materials and devices for optoelectronic applications and seeing how synthesis and fabrication techniques can be converted from lab practices to industrial techniques.

In 2020, he became a PhD candidate in Applied Physics at Rice University.

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Akshaya Venkatakrishnan

Akshaya joined the group as a Graduate Student Fellow of the Singh Center from 2018-2019 while obtaining a Masters in Nanotechnology from Penn. Her research was on the self-assembly and ellipsometry characterization of CNTs and InSe.

She is currently an Advanced Mask Development Engineering for Micron Technology.

Noah Glachman

Noah was part of the Jariwala Group from 2018 to 2019 as an undergrad and masters student studying Materials Science and Engineering. During his time at Penn, his research was on using 2D materials to host photoelectrochemical processes.

Noah is currently a PhD candidate in the Bernien Lab Group at the University of Chicago.

Stefano Roccasecca


Stefano is currently a PhD student in Physics at UCLA.

Suyash Pati Tripathi

email :


Suyash is currently a PhD student at University of Toronto in Electrical Engineering

Kelotchi Figueroa

Kelotchi was an undergrad at the University of Humacao Puerto Rico who majored in Physics Applied to Electronics and his research was on using van der Waals materials in nanoelectronic and photonic devices.

Kelotchi is currently a junior at University of Puerto Rico.

Nidhi Kapate

Nidhi joined the Jariwala Group as an undergrad studying Materials Science and Engineering with a minor in Math at Penn and submatriculated into the MSE Masters program. She was interested in the intersection of nanotechnology, electronics, and sustainability. She was particularly interested in the photocatalytic and physical properties of TMDCs.

In the fall of 2020, Nidhi joined the MSE department at Stanford as a PhD candidate.

Jack Jenkins

Jack was an undergrad at Penn studying Materials Science Engineering and Physics. His research interest was applying nanotechnology to electronic devices. His main focus was on constructing next generation, ultrathin photovoltaic devices.

Jack is currently an undergrad at Penn.

Sebastian Naranjo

Sebastian studied Biomedical Engineering at Rowan University with a focus in Cellular, Molecular, and tissue Engineering/Regenerative Medicine. One of his research goals while at the Jariwala Group will be to optimize the graphene monolayer semiconductor microenvironment and promote cell adhesion and viability.

Saif Khawaja

Saif joined the Jariwala Group in 2018 while an undergrad at Penn studying economics. His research focus was on simulating electronic devices.

He has since submatriculated into the Masters program in physics at Penn.

Justin Qian

Justin was part of the Jariwala Group while he was an undergraduate at Penn while studying Materials Science Engineering and Chemistry from 2015-2019. His research was on the fabrication and characterization of 2D material based nanoelectronic devices.

Currently a Phd student in MSE Department, Northwestern University


Joseph Orr

Joseph was an undergraduate research assistant in the Jariwala Group while he was studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Villanova.

Currently, Joseph is a senior at Villanova.