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h-index: 43, i10-index: 73, Total citations > 14,000, Avg. citations per item > 200. 
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  1. Motala, M.; Beagle, L. K.; Lynch, J.; Moore, D. C.; Stevenson, P. R.; Benton, A.; Tran, L. D.; Baldwin, L. A.; Austin, D.; Muratore, C.; Jariwala, D.; Glavin, N. R.Selective Vapor Sensors with Thin-Film MoS2-Coated Optical Fibers Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 2022
  2. Dang, A.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, H.; Panatdasirisuk, W.; Xia, Y.; Wang, Z.; Jariwala, D.; Li, T.; Yang, S. Electrospun Gold Nanoprism/Poly(vinyl alcohol) Nanofibers for Flexible and Free-Standing Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrates ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2022
  3. Kim, K.; Andreev, M.; Choi, S.; Shim, J.; Ahn, H.; Lynch, J.; Lee, T.; Lee, J.; Nazif, K. N.; Kumar, A.; Kumar, P.; Choo, H.; Jariwala, D.; Saraswat, K. C.; Park, J. High-Efficiency WSe2 Photovoltaic Devices with Electron-Selective Contacts ACS Nano 2022
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  28. Liu, X.; Zheng, J.; Wang, D.; Musavigharavi, P.; Stach, E. A.; Olsson, R.; Jariwala, D., Aluminum Scandium Nitride-Based Metal-Ferroelectric-Metal Diode Memory Devices with High On/Off Ratios Applied Physics Letters 2021 118 20 DOI:
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                                                                                                                                          Before Dr. Jariwala Joined Penn

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